SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System

Baxter Contact Information

Normal business hours are from 8 am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time

Baxter Medina Facility Address

711 Park Ave.
Medina, NY 14103

Technical Support

Help Line Phone: (800) 356-3454 • follow the prompts
Fax: (585) 798-3905
Email: [email protected]

To contact the technical support team during normal business hours (8 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time) use the contact information above. A 24-hour help line is available for calls after normal business hours - just call the Help Line, follow the prompts and leave a detailed message.

For questions that are general in nature, including requests for parts, your call will be returned the next business day. If you need help operating your device, or if you have an emergency, a technical representative will return your call within 3 hours.

Customer Service:

Telephone: 1-888-719-9955
Fax: 1-888-719-9986

Medical Information

Telephone: 1-855-584-1368
Email: [email protected]

Baxter Contact Information

Phone: (800) 422-9837
Fax: (800) 568-5020
Email: [email protected]